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A timeless elegance

Laufen and Marcel Wanders. A poetic experience of design and innovation in the bathroom sector The new interpretation of SaphirKeramik relies on a sinuous, contemporary classic concept.

Oct. 29, 2019

A project by Marcel Wanders for Laufen that reinvents the classic dimension makes its international debut at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. A versatile, variegated concept of classic style, in which bohemian taste blends perfectly with cosmopolitan and metropolitan image, suggesting an eclectic lifestyle. A reinterpretation of classic stylemes in a contemporary guise for an elegant and very timely collection.

The flair and creativity of a great international designer join forces with Laufen’s excellence to generate ideas for classic and contemporary, elegant and captivating bathrooms, with items ranging from washbasins to bathtubs to toilets, combined with faucets, cabinets, accessories and mirrors.

Precisely with Marcel Wanders, for the first time SaphirKeramik has a chance to adapt to new very classical and iconic forms. A light and versatile, sturdy and malleable material, shaped over the years by various world-famous designers, leading to slim, light creations of impeccable design, perfect for everyday use.

Marcel Wanders formulates an extraordinary interpretation of the company’s philosophy and the use of SaphirKeramik, presenting a product concept that brings a “touch of humanity” to the design, taking us back to bygone eras, to poetry and romanticism, without overlooking contemporary needs and tastes.

Ceramic pieces in an intense white are joined by counters and cabinets in wood, legs, faucets, mirrors with ceramic frames, giving rise to an extremely evocative and delicate bath environment.

Sinuous lines and rounded “feminine” forms are the expression of a new language that enters the world of Laufen to expand its range of offerings for an increasingly discerning, erudite and global target.

“What we have sculpted in this collection is a poetic experience. The bathroom is a place reserved for relaxation, rejuvenation and true peace. Therefore, design plays a crucial role in making the connection with the human spirit in this intimate, private space,” says Marcel Wanders.

“The bathroom setting will always be about elegant functionality, and we designed each piece to fit into this seamless collection. SaphirKeramik is a unique opportunity to celebrate the beauty of thin ceramic with our elegant soft shapes,” Gabriele Chiave explains.

A complete collection

To allow bathrooms to be fitted out completely with The New Classic, Laufen has assembled a very broad and versatile collection. At the washstand, countertop washbasins with an integral shelf and widths of 600, 800 and 1200 mm, a 500 mm-wide hand washbasin and a 550 mm-wide washbasin bowl cater for a variety of scenarios.

Incidentally, the Laufen washbasin bowl presents a minor masterpiece: SaphirKeramik is renowned for its extremely fine walls with a thickness of around three millimetres, but Laufen has nonetheless succeeded in developing a bowl with an integral overflow and outlet – providing the ability to safely retain water in the bowl.

The washstands share their design vocabulary with the bathtub that forms an integral part of the collection. Its generous dimensions of 1900 x 900 x 580 mm not only grab attention, but also make a very inviting impact. Among the irresistible arguments in favour of a long soak in the tub are its ergonomic, back-friendly form and the skin-soothing material Sentec from which it is made.

The characteristic aethetic of the range is likewise reflected by the wall-hung bidet and easy-care, rimless toilet bowls. The WC options encompass wall-hung, floorstanding and close-coupled toilets.

Bathroom furniture with a classical theme

Laufen has placed an equally distinctive set of bathroom furniture alongside the ceramic ware of The New Classic collection. Its moulded door panels lend a classical touch to the understated design. For those who wish to add a further classical flourish and extra stability, the furniture is also available with gently curved legs.

The set includes vanity units for both the countertop and vanity washbasins and the washbasin bowls, as well as a roomy tall cabinet for keeping the bathroom tidy. The choice of finishes for the furniture comprises a dark real oak veneer, gloss white and matt grey coatings.

An especially elegant option is the walnut vanity stand, which is compatible with the countertop washbasins. It also serves as a towel rail, which is a welcome feature in any hotel or private bathroom.

Elaborate attention to detail

To match the collection, Laufen has affectionately fashioned a range of accessories from SaphirKeramik. Among the items are a wall-mounted shelf, soap dish, toothbrush holder, toilet brush holder and an elegant oval mirror with the novel distinction of being framed in SaphirKeramik.

A comprehensive collection of premium-quality faucets puts the finishing touch to The New Classic bathroom. Their characteristic design language embraces conical elements, a distinctive groove and a dividing line below the slender handle, and slim spouts. From a technical perspective, the polished chrome faucets for the washstand, bathtub, shower and bidet represent state of the art. In combination, the delicate organic aesthetics of the ceramic elements and the rigorous geometry of the furniture give rise to a Bohemian bathing environment that exudes a cosmopolitan, urban charm.

The New Classic in the splendid neoclassical setting of the Huis Barnaart in Haarlem

The marvelous neoclassical Huis Barnaart villa, looking out on the Nieuwe Gracht in central Haarlem, has been chosen as the setting for the presentation of the new collection designed by Marcel Wanders. Built in the early 1800s, the villa was the former residence of a wealthy merchant, Philip Barnaart, whose name it bears, and was built in perfect Empire style. The rooms of the Huis Barnaart, each with its own distinct personality, house the delicate forms of The New Classic collection, which seem to be suspended in time.