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A TRIBUTE TO MILANO DESIGN WEEK 2019 - MATERIALMESSAGE AT TEATRO ARSENALE: Laufen presented a special installation in collaboration with the visionary studio Snarkitecture.

The conceptual and experiential itinerary connected two precise points: the origin, represented by the material, and the arrival point that is the finished product. From clay to ceramic, from powdered earth to liquid slip, all the way to the silky polish of SaphirKeramik: the installation “photographed” that various stages of the material, without filters, without alteration, in an essential perspective.

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“The term innovation has many meanings, and all of them become fundamental for us at Laufen. Beyond our extensive focus on a technological plane, we believe it is important to grow along a path of multi-level research, interaction with stimulating creative counterparts, cultural influence open to a wide spectrum of the world of design and the arts. Collaborating with eclectic personalities and visionary artists like Snarkitecture gives us an opportunity to look at our history, our experience in a new perspective, to live it through new codes of interpretation, with constant reference to our true identity.”